No One Consulted Her.

The Puppy hears banging and hissing. She asks, "Oh hey, what's going on?" Climbing the stairs, The Puppy asks, "WHAT DID YOU DO?" I'm inside the house with Babycat wrapped up like a purrito. "Help!" says Babycat. "I love her and I need her to be safe!" I say, looking a bit crazed. "Oh hell no," says The Puppy, hair raised.

And that is pretty much exactly how I turned Captain Tinycat into a rescue cat. Would it have been cheaper to go to therapy after we lost The Slinky One? Maybe (not!), but it would’ve been way less cute.

The real Babycat settling into a cat bed she comandeered from the Ninja Twins.

LOOK AT HER. LOOK AT HER WIDDLE FOOTIES. I have no regrets. Maybe I should’ve done it earlier, but then…well, you’ll see.

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