Two-Star Reviews

The Puppy approaches The Fluffy One. "Oh hey, how are you?" she asks. The Fluffy One is in loaf form on the grass. "Meh, I have ceased the eating of food," he tells her. She lays down near him and says, "Ya, I don't wanna eat either. Food just isn't the same without bro licking it. You should go to my doctor!" The Fluffy One replies, "My bro did that, it did not work." The Puppy says, "No, I mean the one who cares about animals, not the one who told me I'm gonna die 'cause I'm big." The Fluffy One digs his claws into the ground and says, "This is not helping!"

Oh, could I tell you some stories, but they would make you mad, and that’s not what this place is for.

You would think there’d be more vets in the Bronx, NY, though. There’s only one with a two-star Yelp review and one with a three-star Yelp review nearby. All the others are more than an hour’s drive away. There are a few empty professional buildings with parking all along the road from my house to the nearest Rite-Aid. If this were a Sims game, I’d put some damn 5-star vets up in those buildings.

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