No One Consulted Her.

And that is pretty much exactly how I turned Captain Tinycat into a rescue cat. Would it have been cheaper to go to therapy after we lost The Slinky One? Maybe (not!), but it would’ve been way less cute. LOOK AT HER. LOOK AT HER WIDDLE FOOTIES. I have no regrets. Maybe I should’ve doneContinue reading “No One Consulted Her.”

Avoidance Through Gardening.

It occurred to me this year, as I stood inside a hedge, that I do tend to wander off to keep things pruned nicely instead of, you know, finishing my data science course or revamping my websites to show off my skills or learning how to make games in Unity, all of which I signedContinue reading “Avoidance Through Gardening.”

…Makin’ the Same Thing For Fifteen Years….

If you had told me I’d still be making this comic fifteen years later, that I’d even still be alive to make this comic, that I would get way better than when I started…I’d have been weirded out that you knew where to find my comic. I mean, it’s not like the cool kids ofContinue reading “…Makin’ the Same Thing For Fifteen Years….”

Catching Up With The Fluffy One.

The weeks are speeding by, thankfully The Fluffy One is eating again and doesn’t even have to be a purrito for medicine. He discovered the porch cats one day, and looked from one to the other and then through the railing like, “where are the others?” I washed his paws as soon as soon asContinue reading “Catching Up With The Fluffy One.”

Two-Star Reviews

Oh, could I tell you some stories, but they would make you mad, and that’s not what this place is for. You would think there’d be more vets in the Bronx, NY, though. There’s only one with a two-star Yelp review and one with a three-star Yelp review nearby. All the others are more thanContinue reading “Two-Star Reviews”