…Makin’ the Same Thing For Fifteen Years….

I'm putting peanut butter on bread, singing, "Makin' the same thing for fifteen years...." The Fluffy One pokes his head over the counter and asks, "What is it you have? Please, give some to me!" He looks adorable as he pats the peanut butter on the knife and asks, "The butter of peanuts? Is it like the brother's favorite creamy cheese?" He decides, "I don't want it! You can give it to the dog." The Puppy says, "But it's got cat germs." "It is fine!" The Fluffy One replies. I stand there watching them, licking the peanut butter off the knife.

If you had told me I’d still be making this comic fifteen years later, that I’d even still be alive to make this comic, that I would get way better than when I started…I’d have been weirded out that you knew where to find my comic. I mean, it’s not like the cool kids of webcomics embraced me or anything.

So it’s peanut butter time again, and I think we’ll keep doing this thing. Still have some stories to tell.

I guess this is as good a time as any to ask what kind of merchandise you’d want to see from me? What would you want to see on a shirt? Would I sell more than three copies of a book of these comics? Now’s your chance to talk to me, in case you didn’t realize you could all along. You have until June 1st.

Catching Up With The Fluffy One.

In the first panel: The Fluffy One is wrapped in a towel, complaining to The Puppy that the medicine is making him live. The Puppy says, "Ya, that's good." In the second panel: The Fluffy One is eating and telling The Puppy, "I cannot believe there are more of me!" The Puppy rolls her eyes and says, "Ya, cats." The Fluffy One says, "Fascinating!" In the third panel: The Fluffy One is standing at the door, asking Babycat if she likes birdeens. Babycat asks him, "Does your mom know you're out here?"

The weeks are speeding by, thankfully The Fluffy One is eating again and doesn’t even have to be a purrito for medicine. He discovered the porch cats one day, and looked from one to the other and then through the railing like, “where are the others?” I washed his paws as soon as soon as I got him back in the door, and then he ate his dinner like he hadn’t eaten in ages. As if seeing another cat reminded him to eat before someone else eats his fud. The Puppy eats his food all the time, so I’m not sure why he needed to see cats, but man did that put ideas in my head.

Two-Star Reviews

The Puppy approaches The Fluffy One. "Oh hey, how are you?" she asks. The Fluffy One is in loaf form on the grass. "Meh, I have ceased the eating of food," he tells her. She lays down near him and says, "Ya, I don't wanna eat either. Food just isn't the same without bro licking it. You should go to my doctor!" The Fluffy One replies, "My bro did that, it did not work." The Puppy says, "No, I mean the one who cares about animals, not the one who told me I'm gonna die 'cause I'm big." The Fluffy One digs his claws into the ground and says, "This is not helping!"

Oh, could I tell you some stories, but they would make you mad, and that’s not what this place is for.

You would think there’d be more vets in the Bronx, NY, though. There’s only one with a two-star Yelp review and one with a three-star Yelp review nearby. All the others are more than an hour’s drive away. There are a few empty professional buildings with parking all along the road from my house to the nearest Rite-Aid. If this were a Sims game, I’d put some damn 5-star vets up in those buildings.