He Left a Hole in All of Us.

The Fluffy One sits on a podium decorated with a flowery paw print. Next to him is a portrait of The Slinky One wearing a tie. "Me brother was a solar-powered cat, now he is the sunshine. We are made of the same cells, I cannot live without him." The young tabby, a squirrel, a bird, a group of butterflies, and a snake are all gathered for the memorial. "He left a hole in all of us," the butterflies say. "Yeah, me too," says the snake. The Fluffy One is now on the ground, shouting, "I throw myself off the tall things, but I keep landing on my feet! It is not fair!"

The Fluffy One is dealing with things.

Published by TailsFromTheBackyard

Webcomic about cats and dogs, living together. Home of a friendly neighborhood spider. Started in 2004.

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