Movie Night!

I'm sitting on the couch holding two remotes. I say, "Yay! Movie night! I got a space comedy, it's based on a comic book---" The Slinky One cuts in with, "I would like to watch a musical!" Meanwhile, The Spider laments, "They don't make 'em like they used to. Tarantula was great. The Puppy, under two blankies, asks, "How come we don't watch a movie with dogs? REpresentation matters, you know?" The Fluffy One chimes in from the window with, "Put on the crime drama! I want to see the justice on the screen!" I have fallen asleep. The Slinky One asks, "Why don't we just drink and talk about good times?"

Movie night! Hey, who doesn’t love movie night! Movie night is the best!

Published by TailsFromTheBackyard

Webcomic about cats and dogs, living together. Home of a friendly neighborhood spider. Started in 2004.

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