After a Few Doughnuts….

I run up after The Fluffy One, who is revving up to jump the fence. I tell him noto to jump the fence and pick him up. We look at a cat on a porch on the other side of the fence and I point out he looks like my sons and their papa after he had a few doughnuts. The Fluffy One scratches my face and yells, "How you can say this? The brothers do not look like the hobo invaders! I will cut you!" Meanwhile, the spirit of M'man appears to chime in that the hobo cat doesn't look like him or his girls.

30 years ago I adopted the greatest doughnut-loving cat in the multiverse, and today I honor him with this weirdness.

This did happen, though. There’s a hobo cat who sits on the neighbor’s porch and he’s very talkative and cute but The Fluffy One sees him as a threat, as all dopplegangers are, and tried to jump the fence to get to him. Unable to fight his doppelganger, he demonstrated what he would do using my face. It was adorable because The Fluffy One is adorable and I didn’t get scratched that bad.

It does put my mind at ease that The Ninja Twins never got to meet their Papa Sleeve, however. In my mind black cats everywhere would be my idea of a good time, but m’Man and the bros would probably be freaked out.

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