Continue To Pretend!

The Ninja Twins are looking at a closed mouse trap. The Fluffy One says, "What what, the trap is a-rockin', we must knock it around!" The Slinky One says, "This critter dispenser got a fresh one, it's like Pez!" In the second panel, I'm playing with the baby tabby and a toy mouse. The Fluffy One yells out the window, "Human! Continue to pretend, we will deal with the real threats!" In the third panel, The Slinky One yells, "Okay, we're gonna set this thing free!" The Puppy is standing next to him in the doorway, holding the mousetrap in her mouth, saying, "RRR!"

The humane traps have become quite a source of entertainment for the Ninja Twins and The Puppy. The Puppy has jumped across the floor to play with an empty trap. Maybe it’s the peanut butter?

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