A trip to the grocery store.

Plot suggested by my Nan, after the whole theives-using-the-gift-card-I-was-saving-for-new-glasses-to-buy-McDonald’s incident. Also the fluffy calico is incredibly suspicious of The Puppy in real life and never wants to disclose her location if she’s being watched. WE KNOW YOU’RE ON THE PORCH, FLUFFY CALICO. The only thing that isn’t based on reality here is my little girlfriendContinue reading “A trip to the grocery store.”

How to get food.

If you knew that cat, you’d get hearts in your eyes too even if she were suggesting murders for food. As for waiting patiently for food, the fluffy calico is the winner of that approach. She has spent full days on our porch (and roof) getting breakfast, second breakfast, brunch, lunch, antipasto, dinner, and oneContinue reading “How to get food.”

We were out of peanut butter, too.

Cat fight! This was kind of the moment that started this whole bizarre arc. One afternoon I was having my daily dalliance with my tabby girlfriend when the “grown ups” totally started wrestling. I have no idea what it was about, but my little friend sprang out of my arms and away to safety. ItContinue reading “We were out of peanut butter, too.”

Because of him.

I just want you all to know Richard Harris was singing MacArthur Park on the radio as I scheduled this comic and I’m not trying to bring you all down with my silly comic, but I haven’t seen my blue-eyed Siberian tiger man since May 7. Except I did see him in a dream, andContinue reading “Because of him.”

I identify as a cat.

Oh, m’Man. He’s the one who made me want to draw comics of cats and someday there’ll be a book about him. Oh, the Ninja Twins, they are not happy they aren’t in the comic more this month. Oh, that little girl cat. She should be mine, curling up in a Ninja sandwich with myContinue reading “I identify as a cat.”