Yay, Memorable Dogs!

…okay, see, my first dog (who all the young lady dogs refer to as Grand Funk) looked at an exotic dancer on television ONE TIME. It was adorable of him. I’m sure if The Puppy’s boyfriend is with Grand Funk now they’re totally watching ladies dance. *ahem*

I Got Goals But I’m Not a Goalpost!

You know cat hockey is nothing without fridges for goals. So why does fluffy porch cat go up on the roof? There’s no fridge up there, porch cat, what are you doing? Also yes, I totally tell time to run by gazing absently at my bare wrist, that was 100% intentional.

More Sports!

The Paralympics are on this week! I have no idea if they’ll be on TV more than last time, but as long as I get to see the Curling I’ll be happy. I know during the Rio Paralympics the events were all on YouTube, which is a pretty nifty idea for people who don’t wantContinue reading “More Sports!”