May the Porgs be with you. And with your Wookiee.

Ahch-To caretakers are doing it for themselves.

What just happened? Is it all a dream from having a Puppy dropped on me? Or is it an exclusive sneak peek into The Last Jedi?

Let me give you some backstory. This picture was included with Entertainment Weekly’s preview of Star Wars: The Last Jedi:

Ahch-To caretakers from The Last Jedi.

(Image from

I hurried to alert my bestie @glitzob that there were characters relevant to our interests, hers being an in-progress Star Wars/Dinosaurs crossover fanfiction, mine being everything she writes. She declared it a selfie of the two of us, and I have to agree.

This Friday, I hope you all enjoy our flick. Some other things might go on, but I’ll be watching for Missus Horticulture and Missus Horchata.


Ginger kittens and mommy shut down my offer of a furever home.

Cats know how to shut you down, man.

Like, how I kept wanting to get close to these little ginger babies and give them (and their parents, if they wanted it) a home, but the one with the white face and paws, who always looked to see what her mom was doing and then did the same, went overboard to make sure I didn’t take her away from her wonderland of pouncing on tree roots and fighting azaleas. She went and died on us Saturday morning. Even the mailman was sad. Run free and bask in the sunny spots forever, little Riley, you were a doll.

(I am so not cut out to be that kind of cat lady.)

In case you were wondering, of course I have a photo.

Mommy cat with two pumpkin kittens.

Kittens are blurry, you know.

So close….

Ginger kitten gets in the house and meets The Puppy.

This is Codename: Scout. Scout is adventurous and likes to boop my hand when we feed the family. I want to adopt Scout and the sibling* and show them what radiators and blankies are about. Scout walked into the house one day. Perfect, right? MEANT TO BE! Well, I wasn’t there that morning, but the Puppy was. I hear there was barking and a toppled gate and the tiny hiss of a fierce tiger, who promptly left the house and has not attempted to walk in since. The mother cat bopped my mother on the leg for letting her baby walk into the house. She grounded the kittens, and it took two weeks for Scout to boop my hand again. One step forward, twelve little paw leaps back. Someday, little ones, someday.

*I make these comics a few weeks in advance, and I wish this was just bringing giggles, but tragically Scout’s sister, who my Mum called Riley, passed away on Saturday morning. Scout and the mommy cat were with her all night, and Scout skipped off to play with a pine cone as I was burying Riley under one of her favorite hedges. I will miss watching the ginger tag team wrestling.