Spider Wisdom Is Spot-On.

I’m so sorry I didn’t make this story end much happier. I had a hundred chances. It will be one of the great regrets of my life. But that little kitten playing with that Christmas bow made the world a better place for a little while and I wish I had video of her doingContinue reading “Spider Wisdom Is Spot-On.”

The Days Are Getting Longer!

Winter Solstice is my jam. This autumn was mild but that only made it more of a bummer that we had to be indoors before 4 o’clock. Yes, I am a cat and yes, all domestic cats must be indoors before it gets too dim to see the paws in front of us. The PuppyContinue reading “The Days Are Getting Longer!”

May the Porgs be with you. And with your Wookiee.

What just happened? Is it all a dream from having a Puppy dropped on me? Or is it an exclusive sneak peek into The Last Jedi? Let me give you some backstory. This picture was included with Entertainment Weekly’s preview of Star Wars: The Last Jedi: I hurried to alert my bestie @glitzob that thereContinue reading “May the Porgs be with you. And with your Wookiee.”

So close….

This is Codename: Scout. Scout is adventurous and likes to boop my hand when we feed the family. I want to adopt Scout and the sibling* and show them what radiators and blankies are about. Scout walked into the house one day. Perfect, right? MEANT TO BE! Well, I wasn’t there that morning, but theContinue reading “So close….”