September is also Dystonia Awareness Month!


September is also Dystonia Awareness Month!

According to my neurologist, I have it. For me, it causes weakness in my right arm and leg, and of course the ever-present tilted head. We tried Botox and that wasn’t for me, but luckily I have a family who understands what’s going on with me and also ice is my friend. (I’m pretty sure my symptoms are actually from Chiari, but my doctor wanted to see if he could fix me, bless him.)



Usually I leave the garden spiders where they are when they set up in my swing frame. Usually those spiders are males. Did you know that female garden spiders are ten billion times larger than male garden spiders? SHE WAS RIGHT OVER MY HEAD, MAN. I think she’s happy in the hedge where I relocated her. I mean, I haven’t seen her…that doesn’t mean she’s not over my head right now THAT’S HOW SPIDERS ARE.

Just another day….

They hung up!

Okay, so it was really my Mum who called Animal Control about the raccoon who showed up in broad daylight for a drink from the water bowl we clean three times a day, but you know, The Puppy loves talking on the phone so she’s the stand-in.

I told Mum I don’t think the raccoon could be rabid if it was drinking water. It totally left after it was noticed, I think it was on the run from someone doing yard work up the block. We haven’t seen it again, although with all the trees…who can tell?

They say raccoons are the new squirrels. I…oh man, that’d be weird.