Actual events that happened.

If only I could write to her and she could reply.

This year they’re calling today “A Day Without A Woman.” I’ve gone 4018 days without THE Woman, proving that Border Collies are not only serious about their jobs, they sure know how to pick a day. Re-reading the e-mails I sent about Puppy training, however, show that the Puppy knew way more about how to be a Puppy than I did and I should have been staying off the Internet. I miss The Woman, but The Puppy has turned into a hell of a dog. I would have loved to see all the dogs I even had in action together, even if that action involved me being mauled by the cuteness.

(tl;dr: I schedule my comics, so have a good day without a woman. You’re all supposed to miss me terribly and embrace women’s rights now.)