Put some cream on that.

Putting cream on Chiari does not help.
September is Chiari Awareness Month, and I have Chiari so every day feels like Chiari Awareness Month, but I’m only subjecting you to it for one week. It’s time for the Chiari Cream Challenge to support Ehrick Garion’s Act. Here’s some weird girl who may or may not be me depending on whether you find this amusing:

To learn more go to http://www.chiariact.org/ccc.html

Poke Won’t Go

It just comes back.

We get a lot of pokeweed where I live. If left alone, the things can grow to the size of trees, dripping with berries which are toxic to cats and dogs, so when I see poke, I pull it. This year there was a lot of poke, in fact every time I went outside I saw more poke poking through the dirt. I’d walk over to pet the cat, I’d see some poke growing under the hedge and pull it (the poke, not the hedge. I’m not that…er, nevermind). I would go outside to turn on the light and come back with handfuls of poke.

Poke inspired the one and only meme I created, and apparently I don’t know anyone who appreciates the importance of tracking down and pulling all the poke because this went the opposite of viral.