All you need to know is the phone went out but it’s okay now.

Not with a bang.
This is exactly how the world ended. Now that I’m back I can tell you it was okay!

I’m currently scrambling to move all my ’90s-era HTML coded pages elsewhere. It’s strangely more fun than I thought it would be, but maybe that’s because IT’S BETTER THAN NO INTERNET AT ALL OMG WHAT WAS THAT NO ONE COULD SEE MY COMIC. No, it’s just nice to go back to a time when I made things for the web thinking people would interact with me. (That does happen sometimes, but strangely enough it’s not the people you were expecting.  Once or twice it’s even better.)

Triple Comic Super Post!

OUTTIE TIME AGAIN! THE DRAMA OF THE DOORWAY ON RAINY DAYS! You should see us during sunshowers.
Apologies to Donovan but this month has been so far from zen I needed to borrow some.  DID YOU MISS US?  Did you even notice no posts went up all week?  I did.  I was so good about scheduling posts while my Mum was going back and forth to doctors.  I schedule a lot of posts, you know.  I was just about to schedule this week’s posts when my Internet went.  Checking the telephone line for noise, I found a marked lack thereof.  LIKE MY LINE WAS DEAD, DUDES.  And Verizon doesn’t want to fix old lines.  But they did…eventually.  Just this once.

So here is an entire week of comics all in one super post.  I did a lot of drawing while exiled from the Internet.  You’ll get the story in a week or so.  This week was about the fun weather time of rainy snowy sunny days where it freezes after the icebergs melt.  And the furries who love outties.  Which is basically what my entire comic is, isn’t it.  OH HI!