All you need to know is the phone went out but it’s okay now.

This is exactly how the world ended. Now that I’m back I can tell you it was okay! I’m currently scrambling to move all my ’90s-era HTML coded pages elsewhere. It’s strangely more fun than I thought it would be, but maybe that’s because IT’S BETTER THAN NO INTERNET AT ALL OMG WHAT WAS THATContinue reading “All you need to know is the phone went out but it’s okay now.”

Triple Comic Super Post!

Apologies to Donovan but this month has been so far from zen I needed to borrow some.  DID YOU MISS US?  Did you even notice no posts went up all week?  I did.  I was so good about scheduling posts while my Mum was going back and forth to doctors.  I schedule a lot ofContinue reading “Triple Comic Super Post!”

Walking the beat.

The Puppy fancies herself a sort of a police dog, doing the rounds, checking out everything.  She has a patch that says POLICE and everything.  Except when our neighbors were robbed, she never barked until the actual police came by.  And then she barked at the neighbors.


2014 has been okay so far! It actually did start with the Fluffy One up on my face.  AS ALL GOOD DAYS SHOULD.  Then a totally random stranger wished The Puppy and me a happy new year.  The Slinky One got puked on but it is new year’s so honestly this year is off toContinue reading “CUE SEXY MUSIC!”