Sleep deprivation does not halt the production of this comic
My Mum had knee surgery and this is what I drew when it was over.  It’s only been two weeks and it kinda feels like the entire Lord Of The Rings trilogy with The Hobbit thrown in (I am Bilbo).  I will say this: if you need knee replacements, do it, you won’t regret it.  Just…watch out for clots.  You know, magically will your blood not to do that.  All the damn time.

Also The Woman would’ve been 19 this week and ten years ago Wednesday she pulled a firsties with the knee injuries.  Always the first to do everything, that one.

Of coursie I’m your horsie.

Of course cats need horsies!
Ah, time.  It seems like only yesterday I met the Ninja Twins. HEY HEY IT WAS!  Give or take A DECADE.  WHOOOOOOOO!  Feather sticks for everyone!

Well, everyone but my Mum because her knee replacement had a complication or five and she’s in ICU with no connection to the outside world. I didn’t tell her it was bunny day yesterday, WE’LL CELEBRATE SOON.