Cheese, please.

Today’s strip brings you the perils of label reading.

I really have to wonder what kind of vets formulate the Pedigree line of products. They’re all about dogs, they say. Then I have to wonder why their Dentabone 3-in-1 shares an ingredient with antifreeze. Do dogs tend to get corrosion under the gums? Do their jaws freeze up in temperatures under 30°F? No? Odd then, that they should require that sort of engine treatment.

The Woman is still recovering from her leg injury and is doing well, but like most women, the same ten pounds have bothered her for the past ten years and she still needs to lose weight. I went on a reading spree the other day, trying to find the cause of an added pound and that was when I found the Dentabone ingredients.

I don’t like current pet food standards, in case you were wondering. We cook the Woman’s dinners and I have to order baked kibble over the internet for her and the Ninja Twins. I wish I knew where to find good recipes for meals FOR the cats TO EAT, then they wouldn’t need canned food. I hear they can turn into gremlins if they don’t get the right balance of Taurine and stuff.

Google is not forgiving if you accidentally cross the line between “homemade meals for cats” and “cat recipes”.

Now I’m all upset.

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Webcomic about cats and dogs, living together. Home of a friendly neighborhood spider. Started in 2004.

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