Representing Brazil in the apparatus free-for-all….

I used to play as Brazil in Epyx’s Summer Games a lot, merely because of the country’s three-letter abbreviation. The Ninja Twins saved me from a nightmare. I actually own a ribbon similar to those used in Rhythmic Gymnastics. I thought it was a neat sport when I first saw it in 1984. So I’veContinue reading “Representing Brazil in the apparatus free-for-all….”

I never would have guessed.

I have a thing about spiders hiding in boots…and never mind what I meant about wetting myself properly. >_> That aside, the snow is pretty to look at and I’m going to use the pencil I used on today’s strip forever because that thing has some sort of skill built into it. That middle panelContinue reading “I never would have guessed.”

Ooh, biting social commentary!

I’m starting a new thing this weekend. At least once a month, I’m going to bring up a book, or something, and say something about it. Because I’m an artsy freak in my mind. I don’t really believe that The Lottery was just a clever way to get rid of the annoying people, but it’sContinue reading “Ooh, biting social commentary!”

It really can be funny.

This week will be about The Woman’s sudden shaving incident. The twins mainly would like to have her bed to themselves again, like the old days, but that’ll happen soon enough. As I write this, she’s already up and around, not as much as she’d like, but soon…soon. I have some serious acid reflux andContinue reading “It really can be funny.”