My very naughty step into non-fiction.

There are many reasons I don’t have much eagerness towards the holiday season. Deciding on what, exactly, to eat is…well, pretty much like today’s strip.

It’s true that it’s more food than I see in a month, but…I’ve gotten used to eating ramen noodles and fluffernutters. If I were cooking Thanksgiving dinner, ramen noodles would somehow feature big. No, everyone wouldn’t die of sodium overdoses because the sodium is all in the seasoning, and I’d make sure to leave that out.

I’m a bitter vegetarian living in a world of carnivores.

I’m also from an area that calls big-ass sandwiches heroes, I apologize for the use of such confusing slang.

In other news, I heard the 20th anniversary remake of “Do They Know It’s Christmas“, and I can now say without doubt that anyone is free to make fun of it all they want. It started out so well, too.

Over the weekend I also discovered that I’m not a Matrix trilogy fan. The first movie was enough. Although the glitch kitty showing up again in the last five minutes of the last movie almost made me forget what’d I’d just seen. You haven’t seen Matrix Revolutions yet? Yay, someone sees movies even later than I do!

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Webcomic about cats and dogs, living together. Home of a friendly neighborhood spider. Started in 2004.

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