An Old Hope.


I am a Star Wars fan.

Not that I usually sit around wearing my rubber Amidala headgear, but today…today I saw stuff that made me remember why I like Star Wars. The teaser for Episode III was released today which was the only reason I had MTV on this afternoon. How anyone watches TRL, I’ll never know…wacky kids. Anyway, I have fond memories of Star Wars trailers past, and this one fits right in under the Episode I trailers, just above the Episode II trailer that was shown before The X-Files and slightly to the left of When Senators Attack.

If you needed any more of an example of my love for Star Wars, the nondescript thing that changes sides over my shoulders in the strip? Padawan braid. It changes sides in the strip as a homage to my beloved Obi-Wan…no, really. It isn’t that I forget what side it’s on…really. I grew the first one in 1999, cut it off last year, and let it grow back, because not only did I miss the silly thing, people asked me where it went. (It went someplace special. Maybe one day I’ll get drunk and do a three-month long arc about the adventures of the braid. Maybe not. It would take an outrageous amount of liquor, and I’d probably fall on the floor before I could reach a pencil.)

I probably shouldn’t have shown Leia the trailer, however…she hasn’t spoken to me since. Not that she talks to me much anymore; ever since my dog tried to eat her and I let that kid in Sears take her clothes off, there’s a void between us.

Yes, I really do have a Leia doll and I took her everywhere with me in the ’80s and yes, my dog loved her. So much that he tipped a couch onto me to get to her. Those were the days, man. I wish I could remember where she left her socks. Wild times.

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