Movie Week: Emma

I’m recovering from dinner this past Thursday, and have decided to not eat again for quite a long time. Meanwhile, movie week is under way and it starts with Emma. You say you don’t get it? You obviously haven’t watched Emma enough. The next strip’s going to be even weirder, but it comes from theContinue reading “Movie Week: Emma”

My very naughty step into non-fiction.

There are many reasons I don’t have much eagerness towards the holiday season. Deciding on what, exactly, to eat is…well, pretty much like today’s strip. It’s true that it’s more food than I see in a month, but…I’ve gotten used to eating ramen noodles and fluffernutters. If I were cooking Thanksgiving dinner, ramen noodles wouldContinue reading “My very naughty step into non-fiction.”

The wonders of radio frequencies.

I was able to make my idea of beaming satellite into my head a reality for less than $50, and this is the family-friendly account of how that happened. I didn’t really break my hand, but it felt that way at the time. I’m happy to report that the termites didn’t reach the closet, asContinue reading “The wonders of radio frequencies.”

The holiday edition.

Today’s strip brings home a very serious topic facing today’s music. All-Christmas radio stations. Just about every city with a Clear Channel-owned light music station goes all-Christmas around this time of year, and the one close to me is no different. Lite-FM featured a poll on their website asking when they should start playing ChristmasContinue reading “The holiday edition.”

Stuff I should be wary of.

So, back when Spring started, our gum tree didn’t get the memo, and my big-ass firethorn also got frosted to death. It was all very sad, but the firethorn started to grow back right away, so that wasn’t so bad. One day while I was trimming it so it didn’t grow to mammoth dimensions again,Continue reading “Stuff I should be wary of.”

I know! 7:45am. 12/21!

So yeah, this is pretty self-explanatory. I mean, who doesn’t get set upon by hordes of thirsty mosquitoes in 36° weather? I don’t know how they hold on in the winds. I suppose it could be worse, though…. Monkeys at Hindu Temple Attack Children By WASBIR HUSSAIN GAUHATI, India (AP) – Monkeys lurking at anContinue reading “I know! 7:45am. 12/21!”

An Old Hope.

I am a Star Wars fan. Not that I usually sit around wearing my rubber Amidala headgear, but today…today I saw stuff that made me remember why I like Star Wars. The teaser for Episode III was released today which was the only reason I had MTV on this afternoon. How anyone watches TRL, I’llContinue reading “An Old Hope.”

I’m Lynda and I approve this message.

I held off on any political jokes until the end. Isn’t my rage at stupid media people funny? HAHA, laugh with me! Notice how I leave it open-ended, so all can embrace my feeling without being insulted if they do happen to be really into views opposed to mine? Don’t worry, Wednesday you’ll know whoContinue reading “I’m Lynda and I approve this message.”