Drive-by hi.


That special time after the sun stops baking the Earth, otherwise known as early Fall, is usually a busy time for me, because I have to do all the stuff I didn’t do all Summer, and I have to do it fast, before Winter comes along and freezes my hands off.

So I’ve been busy, but I haven’t given up on the strip. Have no fear of that. Never.

The good news is, all the things that have kept me busy ought to make interesting strips. Provided I remember what the hell I’ve been doing.

I’m sick, too, did I mention that? 99.3° is a fun angle, but it’s never a fun temperature.


Every night after dinner for like an hour, I walk the Ninja Twins.  The Fluffy One has a teal lead, The Slinky One has a purple one.  This was because my mother and Nan thought they wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.  The Woman and I, we know.

The brothers, however, occasionally happen upon each other and are like ATTACK POSE WHO ARE YOU?!  It’s adorable.