It’s the writer’s cramp!

You would think, having used old crappy psycho drawings for two weeks, I’d have a bunch of strips lined up ready to go, but no.

You don’t need to know this, of course. Just go and admire the pimping skills of my kittens, I know I do. They know I do, too.

I think I’ll start a little handy trivial thing about me of the day, just so all three of you can come here and feel like you know me. I’ll need a better title for it, but in the meantime, here’s today’s special secret about me:

I really don’t function well in hot weather. I might need a 5W-30 refill. I had to look up 5W-30, because I’m not a auto freak. I wish I was, because then I might have been able to repair my air conditioner myself, without causing pollution and death. I know enough about 5W-30 however, to warn any impressionable young people not to refill themselves with motor oil, as it has little to no effect on cartilage.

As a bonus, I’ll tell you that I like colors, and pizza, but not when I have a hernia.

Olympic Fever!

It may be the fifth time I’ve used that malady as an excuse.

I’m taking a short break from the saga of how the Ninja Twins were placed under house arrest to bring you my ridiculous impressions of Olympic Sports from 1988. Note the officials are South Korean, otherwise I’m sure this could pass for the current games. The drawings get even stupider, kids.


On the first part of the journey….

Oh, the poor kittens. Of course, it loses a lot of suspense when you realize it’s all a flashback.

Then again, one of the non-fictional twins jumped head-first into a glass door tonight, so they never fail to dish the suspense to the max. I have since covered the door with Stik-ees, but the kitten is still threatening a lawsuit.

I realize today’s strip features the shortest version of the Woman yet. She’s meant to be lying on the ground, you see. Really.

These strips are like bad photographs.