Crossing the line of reality.

I think it’s pretty obvious by now that I have a rather active imagination where my life is concerned. For instance, if a spider were to drop from the ceiling, onto my bed, and steal one of my earplugs, I’d probably let him keep it.

This week should start a new arc of the story…if I can uncramp my hand.

I would like to add that the nine-year-old I used to be really likes the title “Revenge of the Sith.” We’ll get to that this week too, I’m sure.

Everybody has their own doom.

I put so much effort into the 7/21 strip, that I’ve held up the 7/23 one.

Now my hand is cramped.

For the record, I don’t keep the shop-vac that close to the basement door, and I’d never leave the radio plugged in on the stairs. I could kill someone with that, and at the moment there’s no one I want to kill in the vicinity of my basement stairs.

I’ve said too much.