It really defies explanation, pt 2.

20040630Anyway. My happy little land of lilies and foliage looked like it was re-enacting the end of Medicine Man, so while I was fixing things, I noticed some really big termites working on the remains of the tree.

I couldn’t get to two of them and take out my rage, so I used their picture in today’s comic and I’m not paying the bastards. That’ll show them!

The moral of the story is: Don’t fall into the trap of home ownership if you value food.

Who knew 9 pounds of fur could have that much pull?


I’m a big pushover when it comes to the Ninjas. I think maybe they drug me, but however this happened, I have broken The Rule and harnessed one of the Ninja twins, who became psychotic when he touched a lawn chair, and ran headlong into the daisies.

Luckily, the Woman’s shepherding skills are still sharp and a crisis was averted.

This week has taught me that I need to spend more quality time with my furry children.

Humans use any excuse for a party.

20040601And my main issue is that if Memorial Day is a somber day to reflect on those lost in battle, why do radio stations use it to kick off Summer Partytime(tm)? I don’t mind the music, I’d probably send my radio off to be shot if every station played nothing but God Bless the USA and Goodnight Saigon all day, but really, smoking up the yard with the barbecue while blasting Rump Shaker doesn’t strike me as a proper way to memorialize people.

So of course I took the long weekend to work on my project of arranging rocks over the sinkhole waiting to happen in my yard. While listening to the radio.

Maybe this one didn’t need an explanation.