Hey you, at least pick up after yourselves!

20040528This really happened.

I didn’t actually go yelling out the window after them as my experience with yelling at cats and raccoons engaging in the same type of behavior has taught me that it rarely has any effect.

I have made a note to adjust my motion-detecting light to take in the area by the tree.  You know, so they can see if they’ve dropped anything.

Hey kids! The number of panes of glass changed from 9 to a more realistic 6!

Never go out in the sun before 3PM. If all the world learned this, I would be a happier placemat.


I have a thing where, if I go out in the sun much, I sort of get really ill. It’s entertaining at first, but then I turn into a nasty drunk and it’s just not worth it. I’m pretty sure this condition has an official name, but I prefer my four-letter description of it much better.

The heavy snow this past Winter was not kind to my really big shrubbery in the front of my house, it pretty much died. It is growing back now, however, but all the dead branches didn’t look so good. So I took a day to prune them.

And then I noticed my tree was dead and partly eaten by termites. This did not amuse me, and it is not good news to the birds and raccoons that like to use the tree for a meeting spot.

Same as it ever was…

20040524I cut my own hair, you know. It looks it.

I should note that if a largish purple spider wearing a top hat appeared at my side, even if it was trying to reassure me that eventually we all end up not having a lot of problems, I think I’d probably die right there.

Also, the size of the hole in the floor has been mildly exaggerated for the sake of my lousy drawing skills. I’m not sticking my legs in the real hole to prove it, either.

Then I noticed something odd.

20040519Life is funny.

Like, say, when you’re already running low on money, and you notice an extremely squishy spot in your floor, and upon inspection you discover the wonder that is termites hard at work.

Not only have these little bastards eaten a quarter of my floor, they’ve eaten a beam, a window frame, a door frame and possibly my wall, but we’re not looking. Oh yeah, they seem to have eaten $3000 as well.

This has been a PSA for having your house treated for termites before you find them.