The Most Intense Staring Contest.

The Slinky One is sitting with a parrot on his shoulder. "Well hello!" he says, "My cousin would like to challenge you to a staring contest!" 332 hours later, The Woman and Cousin Bird are still staring at each other. Cousin Bird has crazy eyes. "Okay, this is intense!" The Slinky One says, hunkered down under them. Walking away toward someone with wavy hair, The Slinky One says, "Okay, you have fun, I'm gonna check out this blonde!"

My cousin bird was a champion at doing freaky stuff with her eyes, and I’m honestly not sure who would win in a staring contest between her and The Woman but I know it would be a thing to see.

Shoutout to the little bird that kept me company on July 4, too. The Slinky One used to assist me with my fireworks photos, but this year it was that little one. Birds rule.


Can’t Talk. Mesmerized.

The Slinky One tells the squirrel he'll take him to the trees. The squirrel can't talk, mesmerized, he says. The Woman is herding cows, calling them last week's shoes and hamburgers. "Line up!" she tells them. "That's my sister!" The Slinky One tells the squirrel. "Hi, my cat! I have ten jobs and the new girl is catching up with her kids. How's it going?" "You gotta show my friend the trees," The Slinky One tells her.

Is this the heaven for border collies? Herding cows and squirrels? Do cows get rewarded for being your burger by still needing to be herded? What about squirrels, I would think heaven for squirrels involves a lot of nuts. I guess technically that’s what’s happened.

Shoutout to my bestie’s German Shepherd Krikkit, who better be running free in the sun with her kids and sleeping on all the pillows.


Who’s This Dame?

The Slinky One is lounging in the sun, talking to a butterfly. "You don't say? How about that?" he says. m'Man, in a box nearby, says, "Whoo! I don't believe it!" Over the hill comes a third black cat, calling out, "Rrraaaagh!" "Who's this dame?" asks m'Man. "It's not my bro," The Slinky One points out. "So what brings you here?" The Slinky One asks. "Mraaagh," says the other black cat. "Join the club!" m'Man declares.

While we’re on vacation, let’s check in on The Slinky One, m’Man, and the good sir who was only referenced in one other comic and he died already WHAT IS THIS YEAR. I did tell him to look for my Slinky son and m’Man, and if nothing is really over and just over there, then I hope they’re all getting along and not hissing at each other.

(tl;dr The Fluffy One is OKAY.)




Tiger Mommy!

The Fluffy One visits his litter pan. "Ah, time for the nightly wee in the privacy of my downstairs pan!" As he is weeing, Babycat comes flying out of nowehere, tail blown up, yelling, "You stay away from my baby!" In the third panel, The Fluffy One is also blown up, asking, "What the fish?!" as The Puppy approaches and asks, "What're you doing? That's my bro." Babycat, still blown up, says, "Excuse me, I have to get back to my baby."

(Everyone’s fine.)

Wow, I guess I should’ve realized Babycat would be hella protective of her baby. Before she had her kitten, she was like, “Hey, cat. ‘sup.” and my Fluffy son would look at her, but that was all. They had an understanding, you know? It’s turning out The Puppy is not having any cat fights on her watch, and I’ve explained that The Fluffy One is my baby and no one is going to be allowed to fly at each other from out of nowhere. Holy crap Babycat is fast.

They each get visitation with the downstairs pan, now. Keep in mind there’s an upstairs pan and a downstairs pan, and Babycat and her kitten have their own pan. They have more bathrooms than the humans they live with! Downstairs pan is no longer in view of the box where Babycat is raising her kitten to be a totally laid back guy, and so there won’t be any misunderstandings or trauma while the grown ups are weeing.

Doors, okay? Sometimes we close the doors to that room. I think they’ll be okay once the kitten can take care of himself. I’m sure they’ll be fine. I really hope they’ll be fine. OMG WTH.


Babyer Babycat! Tinier Tinycat! A KITTEN!

Hey, I draw it how it was. I didn’t wanna bug her too much, not knowing how many kittens were on the way. Around 10:44 I peeked in and Babycat already had her kitten cleaned up and was nursing him. In the corner was the sort of thing you find when a cat has a kitten. I’d read to make sure there was one for each kitten, and so I was fascinated by the whole thing but yes, I Googled “What does cat placenta look like?” because I honestly wasn’t sure. And now I am. And now you all are, too. *ahem*

Forget that, look at this first super-zoomed up spy photo of my adopted daughter and grandbaby!

Less than 20 minutes old, Babycat nurses her lone grey kitten.

That’s the picture I sent around to everyone like I’d never seen a kitten before. BECAUSE I HADN’T OMG LOOK AT HIS WIDDLE EARS! (Seriously, The Ninja Twins came into my life at 3 months, and I guess Babycat was around the same age when I first saw her in the hedges with her mom and siblings. I didn’t even know the kitten couldn’t hear me squeeing over him at first!)