My Dream Couple

A black cat sits on a pillow by a window looming over a calico tabby on her side with her foot under him.

“Little girl, move it over, I am 19 and me bones need the sunshine.”

“Babe, I’m 5 now, I’ll soak up the sun and cuddle you, how’s that?”

“Yes, yes. Whatever.”

My fluffy son turned 19 this week and today is 3 years since I hijacked my girlfriend off the porch. I didn’t want him to be alone after he lost his bro, I didn’t want her to live on the streets. No matter what happens in life, every day they are my dream come true.

Too Soon

The Fluffy One approaches a tuxedo cat at a window, looking out at a tabby on a table. He asks, "Hello little girl! What is up with you and the outdoor man?" The tuxedo cat tells him, "Our brother died, he led us to this place, we're safe because of him." The Fluffy One replies, "Indeed, I too lost a brother, it is very sad." In the third panel,  a ginger tabby in a tree yells, "Hey, I got my balls back!" while a small tuxedo kitten says to The Slinky One, "He's my uncle!" The Slinky One says, "We weren't expecting you so soon, but okay!" lounging around a green field are M'Man and Uncle Grandpa, as well a tabby and a grey tuxedo blissfully checking out some flowers.

If I had kept up with my comic the past two years, you would know a lot more about this golden man, but I’m planning to fill in the blanks eventually.

His name was Oscar Cornbread and he was my Peachy Pie Mango Man, leader of the Ginger Gang, uncle to the Tuxedo boys, and member of the Three Mouseketeers. His mom Coco left him and his siblings in our hedges back in 2019 and in summer of 2020 he struck out on his own, leaving our front yard…for our backyard. I tried to get him to live with me but he Looney-Tuned himself through the door back out to his family. He made me set up a shelter the likes of which no outdoor cats ever had. He also made me dabble in TNR and again, there are entire comic arcs based on that I will finish someday. If you flip back through the Three Mouseketeers tag you’ll see him everywhere. I like to think he’s joined the Hot Man Club and is still scaling trees in the sun and maybe coming into the house and sleeping on my head like everyone else does…if he wants to.

A photo of a ginger tabby loafing in a chair.

If you’d like to do something in his honor, consider helping out his “aunt” Sunny, who is out helping cats every darn day and has a wishlist of food and other supplies needed to care for them. Bronx Community Cats helped him from the day he lost his balls to the day he passed, and they deserve bajillions for all they do to help community cats, but every little bit helps.

Happy 2022!

Shh, just pretend it’s four weeks ago.

An overly happy woman holds a blurry cat while wearing 2022 glasses.

So this is tiny princess Pebbles, she was totally purring and she loves me the bestest because I always have Churu handy.

The Fluffy One, a black cat, looks unimpressed by the sparkly 2022 glasses at his feet.

Uncle Fluff is living his best life free of baloney like being locked in rooms and wearing sparkly glasses. He’s got a girlfriend who takes good care of him and somehow has a bunch of kids now.

The Puppy, a tan dog with a white muzzle and sparkly gold 2022 glasses, glares at the camera.

The Puppy has discovered bacon-flavored dog treats and is hyped for the blizzard we’re getting. Really.

Captain Tinycat, a.k.a. Babycat, looks unimpressed by her sparkly pink 2022 glasses.

Captain Tinycat spends her quality time with Uncle Fluff and is learning to live with Team Tuxedo but still isn’t sure about that little one.

A tuxedo cat with white paws looks under sparkly blue 2022 glasses.
A tuxedo cat with white paws sniffs sparkly blue 2022 glasses.

Tuxedo Mom now comes out and walks around the house all day!

A silver tabby looks at sparkly silver 2022 glasses.

This guy is now six feet tall and has to do time outs so the object of his affection can walk around but he just wants to love the girls and hang out with the guys and catch the red dot, is that so wrong?

A tuxedo cat with a white nose looks offended by the sparkly blue 2022 glasses.

Baby Dave thinks glitter glasses are a waste of time but he loves to play video games and makes his ancestors proud every day.

A very fluffy tuxedo cat with a fancy foot and a tiny white moustache looks through sparkly gold 2022 glasses.

Dani wishes everyone a very fluffy new year and also wants everyone to know he still has the fanciest foot.

A tabby with a white cheek sits near sparkly pink 2022 glasses.

She considers texting her dad to come get her at least twice every day.

But they are all the best and I have lots of stories to tell and I just need to start drawing entire comics from beginning to end instead of a leaving a string of half-complete art in my wake and you will be as delighted and in love with them as I am.

Sometimes I draw on Twitch now but mostly I play video games that always seem to involve cats and dogs doing wild stuff. I also make entire meals for the humans now but that isn’t fun. I also fall asleep as soon as I sit down so I guess I’ll wrap this up. Cheers!

We beat Spielberg to it!

In what really is a West Side Story tribute, I mean look at the poses, The Slinky One sings, "When you're a cat, you're a cat all the way, from your first lick o' nip 'til your ninth life goes away," surrounded by a gang of cats: The Fluffy One, the young tabby, and the white tiger cat. In the second panel, the Cats gang faces off against The Barks, a gang of dogs fronted by The Puppy. A Shih Tzu, a Yorkie, a pug and a Husky flank her, and they bark, "Woo woo woo woo woo," in a pattern that matches the notes of the Jets Song from West Side Story because I have lost my mind. On a wall, there's graffiti, "Cats > Barks."

Hey, how have you all been? Going to the movies this weekend? We’re all super, can’t wait to show you our new adventures. I don’t go out to the movies because I like watching movies with my dog and cats.

Apologies to Stephen Sondheim for mangling his lyrics, HE KNOWS NOW.


A woman lies face down on a racing track. Off screen, an announcer says, "Oh, SO close! She just started drawing again too late, the pandemic has thrown everyone off but injuries sidelined her teammates and now it seems she's just fallen on her face with ten more events to go."

Okay, so my Nan keeps a lot of books in the coffee table, my Mom didn’t like where I left the table when I vacuumed two weeks ago and pulled the table while sitting, and she is now so injured she can’t stand up without crying. We went to urgent care the day I was planning to draw Friday’s comic, and while nothing is broken, she didn’t really get an answer or much relief. Meanwhile my Fluffy Son, being 18, needs to see the vet occasionally for fluids and decided that week would be as good a week as any, so I staged an early morning escape and got him treated, now he’s better and the furry family is very happy but you’ll just have to take my word for it because drawing a comic isn’t a thing I can do while I’m doing everyone else’s stuff.

Did I mention my neighbor’s brother moved and couldn’t take his cat with him so the furry family is now a bit bigger? (She’s adorable, and very worried about what she’s gotten into.)

That story will have to wait, as one of the outdoor cats has just climbed a tree and I think he needs help getting down. (He jumped down, he’s okay!)

Also it’s garbage day.

And I have to make dinner. (Sandwiches.)

I was going to vacuum Thursday but I’ll do that tomorrow because my head kinda hurts and one of my feet is bruised and I can’t recall why.

I haven’t turned my computer on in a while, what’s new?


A calico tabby purrs and juggles a soccer ball while a tuxedo cat watched from inside the goal net. "You wanna kick that thing over here?" The tuxedo girl asks the calico tabby girl.

I just completed this comic 6 hours ago with a tuxie mommy standing on the keyboard. She made sure I finished it.

My girls haven’t played together…yet. They still stare ate each other like, well, “Are you the daughter of the trollop who stole my man?” and “Are you the mother of that maniac?” but they don’t fight and that’s a start?

These are things that should’ve already been in comics, but I’ll be honest, my human family kind of takes every last minute of time and last week my Mum pulled a table that was too heavy because my Nan keeps 10,000 pounds of books in it and, well, Mum’s injured. So now I have to do everything. Everything but draw my dumb comic.

I have one more scheduled and there are four more I want to make, but I’ll be honest, I don’t know if it’s going to happen. Other Olympic years, I’d have the strips all done weeks in advance but go back and re-read that last paragraph and apply it to every missing comic. From here on out I’m going to go at these comics like Olympic skateboarders. I don’t understand why I’m doing it, but when I make one I feel pretty good about it.


A woman with glasses waves her arms and says, "Everyone has to watch the Olympics on TV now! I bet we'll get so much coverage I'll hate it by the time it's over! Unless it gets cancelled."

Around the room, chaos ensues. A fluffy tuxedo cat is balanced on the television, declaring, "I am on TV! I have balance! I have grace! Give me a medal! I earned a medal! I want one." Another tuxedo cat is reaching up the TV saying, "My turn! I should be up there with you. We can do synchronized stuff."

The puppy looks at them and says, "Did you do nips? This looks like violations."

On the couch, The Fluffy One says, "At last, something good on television!"

A grey tabby lounges on top of a window valance. He says, "Dammit, Baby Nephew Son, get down from there, it's not safe!"

Babycat, his mother, lays on a pillow at the window looking up. "Baby, get down from there, it's not safe!"

Who else is hyped for last year’s Olympics? I’ve seen every one of them on TV since 1980 and I rarely get sick of them. I get sick from sleep deprivation, yeah, but I never get sick of seeing people get along and do amazing stuff for two weeks straight.

It’s weird as hell this time, though. No fans, the IOC moving the bar for athletes that deserved to run, it could be cancelled at any minute on account of a plague, the usual.

I’ll be cheering for everyone no matter how much they get to do.

Hello, Boys!

A woman with glasses and purple hair tells two small tuxedo cats: "I'm sorry boys, somehow three months of comics got deleted when someone sat on the keyboard so this is pretty much your introduction." A tuxedo cat with half a white moustache says, "Wow." The other, fluffy tuxedo cat, says, "This information does not spark joy."

At last, the reason the comic wasn’t a priority for a while there. 😻

Also most likely the reason why the comic this is a re-creation of was deleted, but let’s not go there. (It could’ve been Uncle Fluff.)

So yeah, how cute are they? I hit double fluff jackpots twice in my life and can’t wait to share some of the stuff they’ve gotten into since their mom carried them into my life. SOON.

Do I Still Leave The Leaves?

A woman stands in a backyard tangled in vines near an overgrown hedge. "To the leave the leaves people..." she texts on a phone, "How long do I leave the leaves?"

The age-old dilemma.

Well, recently, anyway. Last year I left the leaves, and I’m not sure if I should pick them up, this year things are growing and I’m not sure if I can cut them because what it something laid eggs on it? I saw a baby mantis running on a twig the other day and it was adorable but I need to pick up the twigs because it looks really bad and my cats don’t want to lay down on the lawn when they’re getting poked with twigs.

You can watch me finish this comic in a stream from Friday at Twitch or when that times out, see it forever on YouTube.

Late again, as usual.

I have a comic I was working on for today, but then I got sidetracked trying to make a new userpic without a mask and, well, I got carried away.

An outlined drawing of my own head.

I plan to color it, but my arm is numb from a water filter incident and, well, I’ll get to that story too, one day.

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